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The Fitness Center is equipped with a range of machines for boarders and staff to exercise and keep fit with free weights, bench presses, treadmills, and lats pull-down machines.

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The Fitness stations are located at various places in the boarding school for boarders and staff to exercise with pull-up bars, leg swings, bench push, and waist twist stations.

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There is a total of 4 music rooms available for boarders to develop their musical talents. The rooms are equipped with pianos, drum set and gu zheng.

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The Function Hall (aka "Dining Hall) is the location where all meals are served for boarders and staff. It has been the venue for all boarding school events including Chinese New Year Dinner, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas and Year End celebrations.


The Function Hall has a capacity for up to 800 boarders and staff and it is equipped with AV sound system, projector and staging for different event needs.

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The relax corner was introduced in 2014 to allow boarders to have a space to interact and de-stress.


Dryer and Washer machines are made available for boarders and staff to ensure that they are able to have clean clothes for everyday activities. 


The machines charge S$1 for drying (45 mins) and S$2 for washing (30 mins). Cash/NETS/Cashless Payment options are available.

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The outdoor amphitheater is the ideal location to have celebrations with an outdoor touch. Portable AV systems are ready for deployment and allow for outdoor movie screenings.

The amphitheater has a capacity for 240 pax.

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3.1 Boarding Rooms


HCIBS offers comfortable and conducive accommodation to ensure that our boarders' welfare is fully taken care of throughout their stay. Two and four-bedded rooms are available to increase interaction among boarders. Every boarder is provided with the following items:

  • Study desk with drawer

  • Bookshelf

  • Notice board

  • Wardrobe

  • Power sockets

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3.2 Annex Rooms


HCIBS offers air conditioned rooms for visitors or university students. The twin-sharing guest rooms provide a refreshing feel and a nice view of the neighbourhood. Each guest room is provided with:

  • Wardrobe

  • Attached bathroom

  • Air-conditioning


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3.3 Guest Rooms


Our exquisite guest rooms provide our guests with comfort and hospitality during their stay. The twin-sharing guest rooms provide a refreshing feel and a nice view of the neighbourhood. Each guest room is provided with:

  • Digital Television

  • Wardrobe

  • Attached bathroom

  • Wireless Access

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