IBP Application

Please note:

The IBP for 2022 Term 3 will be resumed albeit a smaller cohort, and subjected to the prevailing guidelines before the start of the programme. Please refer to the registration instructions which will be posted on i-EMB.

The IBP is heavily subsidised by HCI. The boarding fee includes accommodation, programmes, meals, utilities, and laundry. HCI students will be eligible to apply for additional financial assistance depending on household income. More information will be provided upon successful registration.



Students will be selected for the IBP based on the following criteria:


  • MSG: Less than or equal to 3.5

  • Demerit points: Less than 5 accumulated


Students are expected to complete at least one term of IBP upon registration, and in the event of exceptionally high demand, students would be selected on a first-come-first-served basis.


Students who have completed the IBP in Terms 1 or 2 will have the option to join IBP in Sec 4.  Sec 4 Seniors who have previously undergone the IBP will serve as Cluster Captains to hone their leadership skills and mentor their juniors.




Materials relevant to the IBP and the application process would be uploaded here for your reference. The information is correct as of 2020. Please feel free to download the resources below by clicking on the document icon.

Parent's Briefing Slides