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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the IBP compulsory for all Sec 3 students?


The school has developed the Integrated Boarding Programme as a leadership development opportunity for all Sec 3 students, and would strongly encourage Sec 3 students to participate for a term unless they have good reasons otherwise. The residential experience will also prepare the students for overseas exchange programmes at the end of the year.

Are students allowed to not attend the IBP activities prior to class tests, so that they can revise?


During the tests period, there will not be any IBP activity for 2 to 3 weeks to allow time for revision. The respective boarding mentors will also be monitoring the students’ academic development closely. As such, if you are disciplined to do your work consistently, you should be alright.

Does the programme incorporate exercise/sport or allow for musical activities?


Students will have access to the sport facilities in the school and a gym at the boarding school. We strongly encourage that you schedule time with your friends to engage in sports or games after school. There are four music studios at the boarding school that you can book free-of-charge to practise.

Will meals still be served after 8pm in the event of CCA ending late?


Dinner will be served at the dining hall from 5.45pm to 7.45pm. Thereafter, the dining hall will be used for the supervised study sessions for the other boarders. If you are aware that you shall be returning to the boarding school later, you can register your name in the dinner log book in the morning. When you return, you can collect your packed dinner at the dining hall or office.

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