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Integrated Boarding Programme



Term 1

2015 T1


DD&C (Western Dining)

DD&C (Chinese Dining)

SCOOP Dinner with Eric Chew

SCOOP Dinner 1 with Stanley Han

SCOOP Dinner 2 with Stanley Han

Sports Psychology Workshop

Chinese New Year Dinner

Indian Dinner

G1 & E1 Cluster Activity

ELP Forum

SCOOP Dinner with Mr. Daniel Lee

Term 2

2015 T2

ELP Core

G3 Games

Nutrition and Periodisation workshop

SCOOP Dinner with Dr. Koh

Coding Course

Eurasian Dining

Malay Dining

Sports Psychology Workshop

SCOOP Dinner Mr. David Poh

Term 3

2015 T3

Design Thinking Workshop

Speak with Confidence Workshop

SCOOP Dinner with Dr. Koh

SCOOP Dinner with Ms. Phua Huijia

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