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About IBP

Life in IBP

The following table illustrates a typical day for IBP participants (from Mondays to Thursdays):

A typical Day

7:30pm to 9:30pm

Supervised study time / IBP Workshops



7:15am to 4:00pm​


5:45pm to 7:30pm


9:30pm to 10:30pm

Free time


Attendance taking by Boarding Mentors


Lights off



The boarding school provides boarders with 2 standard meals at the dining hall everyday. Breakfast is served from 5.45am to 7.45am, and dinner is served from 5.45pm to 7.45pm. Boarders will have their lunch at their own expense at the school canteen. If a boarder is staying in the Boarding School over the weekend, lunch is provided from 12pm to 1.30pm.



The Boarding School provides laundry services for boarders with the cost included in the boarding fees. The laundrette is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 6pm to 10.20pm for boarders to send and/or collect their laundry. Each boarder is able to send up to 30 pieces for washing every week and the sent laundry can be collected the next time the laundrette opens.


Ample self-washing facilities are also available in the Boarding School, and boarders can make use of the coin-operated washing machines and dryers at an affordable rate of 1 dollar per wash or dry.


Going Home

Boarders are encouraged to return home and spend quality time with their families when there is no school activity the next day (eg. weekends, public/school holidays etc.) They are expected to return before 8pm the evening before school activities resumes for the supervised study time.


Lights Out

The ceiling lights in the boarders' rooms switch off automatically at 11pm sharp, while the table lamp remains operable. Should boarders wish to study beyond 11pm, they are encouraged to study in the air-conditioned study room, which will remain open until 12am.


For more information about the Boarding School and its facilities, please click here visit the official website of Hwa Chong Institution Boarding School.

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